Engine Mount


1-engine mount.jpg Folks offer a broad range of engine mounts to meet your needs that are OEM quality, performance, fit and function. All rubber materials are made to hardness to meet application’s specific needs, as well as to ensure mount’s good abrasion resistance, aging stability, consistent performance and life. Bonding of rubber to metal is done to ensure superior bonding of the two elements.

Brake Rotor & Drum


2-brake rotor.jpg

New Premium quality OE replacements that can be done with different surface treatment finishes that meet your needs. Rust-free protection, even with salt-water exposure. Manufactured to eliminate brake run-out, improves brake balance for quieter, smoother braking. Center-split core casting optimizes thermal efficiency for improved safety and performance.

Brake Pad & Shoe


3-break pad.jpg

Wide ranges that covers your market needs. Use only imported raw friction material. Automated machineries and positive mold to ensure our products are made per OE standard and with consistent in quality. High quality rubber wrapped silencer will ensure elimination of noise that 80% of the customers are experiencing.

Hub Assembly & Bearing


4-Hub Assembly.jpg High quality seal design to ensure maximum contamination exclusion, protects bearing life and ABS performance. Spindle, hub raceway and inner ring have optimal hardness because they are heat treated at optimal depth to match OE standard. Complete line of high quality wheel bearings and hub assemblies feature OE focused bearing types, Gen 0, Gen1, Gen2 and Gen 3.
Bearing made with premium hardened steel, optimal pre-load by grinding, finishing and matching rolling elements. All wheel bearings and hub assemblies undergo series of testing; include endurance, salt spray, flange fatigue and impact before leaving the factory floor.
ABS made following OE design and undergoes 100% endurance, impact and salt spray tests.