Electrical Fuel Module & Pump


23-fuel module pump.jpg

-    Manufactured by ISO/TS 16949 certified suppliers with quality meeting or exceeding OE manufacturer's specifications
-    100% visual inspection and performance testing for quality and reliability. Visual inspection includes careful inspection on cable, connectors, flow tubing, reservoir and so on. Performance testing includes pump and module check valve test (wet & dry), voltage, amperage, fuel flow rate, sender resistance, pressure, etc.
-    exact fit and easy installation
-    product equipped with strainers, wiring harness, lock rings, o-rings and all other necessary hardware kits

Starter & Alternator



Wide range that covers your market needs. All components and housing are 100% new. 100% tested to ensure product quality meets that of OE standard before leaving the factory floor.

Mass Air Flow Sensor


25- mass air flow sensor.jpg

Digit board to adjust circuit can assure high precision and low offset. Housing use high temperature strengthened plastic pure PBT. Precise injection molding to ensure easy replacement between OE products. Products are 100% tested to ensure performance meets the OE standard.

Ignition Coil


26-ignition coil.jpg Ignition coil converts a low voltage current to high voltage energy that is delivered to the spark plug and ignite the air fuel mixture within the cylinder. It is certainly one of the critical component which your vehicle cannot operate without. FOLKS carries an extensive range of various types of ignition coils which are engineered and tested to meet or exceed OE standards. Our ignition coils are manufactured by ISO/TS 16949 certified suppliers and proved to be efficient, reliable and durable over the years. We carry the following different types of ignition coils and are capable of developing new part numbers per your specification and requirement.
- Can-type ignition coils
- Distributor coils
- Ignition blocks
- Pencil or coil on plug ignition coils
- Ignition coil pack systems