Timing Kit


14-timing kits.jpg Timing kits that include every component that helps to do the job right the first time. Timing belt, pulley, tensioner, water pump and all other components meet or exceed OE specification for form, fit and function.
High quality timing belt for superior strength, grip and efficiency. High quality water pump for maximum performance and durability. Pulley and Tensioners with high quality bearings and precision engineered.

Head Gasket Set



Our head gasket sets are made by experienced factory has the certificate: ISO 9001: 2000. So no matter you need your gasket made from non-asbestos, graphite or multiple layers steel, you can always rely on our high quality gasket sets with reasonable prices. Furthermore, we can customize gasket sets to fulfill all our customers’ requirement.

Piston / Liner


16-piston liner.jpg PISTON – We provide O.E.M. standard/customized aluminum pistons with the following surface treatments for all types of vehicles which include both gasoline engine and diesel engine.

1)    Shinning Surface
2)    Tin Coating & Tin Coating with MOS2
3)    Alfin Type & Alfin Type with Tin Coating
4)    Alfin Type with MOS2
5)    Phosphite Treatment & Phosphite Treatment with MOS2
6)    MOS2

LINER – We provide both Cast-iron cylinder liner and Aluminum liner with S/F (semi-finished) and F/F (full-finished) according to O.E.M. standard/customization for all types of vehicles.

Valve / Valve Guide


17-valve guide.jpg ENGINE VALVE – We provide O.E.M standard engine valves with the steel material of JIS SUH3, SUH36 (21~N) which has features of anti-wear, anti-corroson and heat strength, under high temperature use for all types of vehicles.  It can also be in nitrogen treatment.

VALVE GUIDE – We provide O.E.M. standard valve guides with the cast iron material of FC-25 of which hardness is up to HRB92~102 for all types of vehicles.